We recommend creating Campaigns in OuterSpatial Manager when you want to promote your app or a specific screen/piece of content in OuterSpatial Mobile. Each Campaign created in Manager has an associated deep link and QR code you can use when surfacing the Campaign on your website, in newsletters, or on social media.

Deep links are web URLs that point to a particular piece of content inside an app. These links can be used for a lot of things, from sharing something with a friend to promoting something via a marketing or social media campaign. QR codes are basically just another way for your Visitors to access an underlying deep link.

Creating a Campaign

If you're going to use a deep link in a marketing campaign (for instance, a social media campaign highlighting the opening of a new trail), you should create a Campaign in Manager because we are planning on eventually surfacing analytics for Campaigns that will allow you to track how many visitors interact with your deep link/QR code.

To create a Campaign (and associated deep link/QR code) in Manager, go to the Organizations section and click on the Campaigns tab.

Deep Link Behavior

When someone interacts with a deep link, the deep link may be handled a few different ways depending on if the link is opened on a desktop or mobile device and, if on a mobile device, if the app is installed or not:

  • If opened on a desktop device, the link will currently open a placeholder web page that highlights the app and encourages the user to install it on their mobile device. In the future, these links will open a web page that corresponds with the piece of content the deep link is associated with (e.g. a web page that describes a trail).
  • If opened on a mobile device and the app is already installed, the deep link will launch it and take the app to the screen the deep link was created for.
  • If opened on a mobile device and the app is not installed, the deep link will open the App Store or Google Play screen. Once the app is downloaded, it will then be launched, and, after onboarding, the user will be taken to the screen that the deep link was created for.

Troubleshooting Deep Links

You may occasionally run into an issue with a deep link that prevents it from working properly. If you do, here are a few things to check:

  • First of all, check that you have a network connection on your device.
  • If you're using a VPN, it may prevent deep links from working properly. If you are, try disconnecting from the VPN and then following the deep link again.
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