Paper Maps

Paper Maps allow you to take your static digital and paper maps, georeference them, and publish them into OuterSpatial Mobile. Visitors will be able to see their location on the map to help them navigate your areas, outings, trails, and points of interest — even when they have no cell or Wi-Fi coverage.

Creating a Paper Map

As of November 2023, if you want to create a new paper map or delete an existing paper map, reach out to our customer success team with the following information:

  • Create a Paper Map: The name of the paper map you want to create and a file (in .pdf or .jpg format) that contains the image of the paper map
  • Delete a Paper Map: The name of the paper you map you want to delete

Once your create/edit/delete request is received, our customer success team will process the change and follow up via the initial request thread, once completed.

Editing an Existing Paper Map

To edit the name or description of an existing paper map or add/remove related locations, click on the name of the paper map to open it and use the form on the left-hand side to edit it. If editing the name or description, be sure to click the "Save" button after making your changes.

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