OuterSpatial supports four high-level location types:

  • Areas
  • Trails
  • Points of Interest
  • Outings

Each of these types is explained in more detail in this article.


Areas in OuterSpatial are equivalent to "parks", "reserves", "forests", etc. "Areas" is just a catch-all term to describe all the different names organizations use to describe areas that are protected and/or managed for outdoor recreation.


Trails are linear features in OuterSpatial that represent the centerline of a trail that can be used to hike, bike, paddle, etc. on.

Trails can be made up of one or more trail segment, each of which can have their own allowed activities and other attribution.

Points of Interest

OuterSpatial supports more than 150 points of interest types. The list contains everything from amenities like restrooms, showers, and entrances to natural features like waterfalls and peaks to interpretive features like visitor centers and information kiosks.


Outings are curated linear routes that can traverse underlying trail and road networks, but don't have to. Outings can optionally have one or more point stops along the way.

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